3.37 How to launch books on Kickstarter | Robin & Michael J. Sullivan (Part 1/2)

3.37 How to launch books on Kickstarter | Robin & Michael J. Sullivan (Part 1/2)

We’re joined by Michael J. Sullivan and his wife and business manager Robin Sullivan to discuss how to run effective Kickstarter campaigns. They’re masters at this - Brandon Sanderson even paid credit to them when running his own massive multimillion-dollar Kickstarter campaign, describing them as pioneers of this new publishing approach. Enjoy!

For more Kickstarter inspiration, check out Jed's recent interview with Aaron A. Reed, who ran a wildly successful half-a-million dollar Kickstarter on the history of text adventures. Listen to it on the podcast feed or watch it here: https://youtu.be/UerRC8E_qA4

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